Here is the 7 ways to Make Drinks Taste Better

Whether you’re planning a party this weekend or you just want to make the most out of your evening tipple, it’s important that you make your alcohol as tasty as possible. Bab Louie & Co. explaining about 7 ways to Make Drinks Taste Better. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together 7 ways you can make alcohol taste delicious.

1. Transform it into a mixed drink.

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Turn it into a cocktail It’s easy to stick to traditional drinks recipes like tequila and soda water, so mix it up and turn your favourite drinks into cocktails. You could, for example, add in some orange juice and grenadine to create a tasty Tequila Sunrise cocktail, which is perfect for a hot summer’s day. You can find a whole host of cocktail recipes online, or you can experiment with spirits, syrups and fruit juices to create a tasty concoction of your own.

2. Add in some fresh fruits to your drinks.

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If you’re sick of drinking the same drink, then consider mixing up your alcohol by adding in some fruit. Lemons and limes are great with ice as a finishing touch, but you should experiment with ingredients such as grapefruit, melons and apples to give your drink a unique flavour and texture. A more convenient, and cost-effective, method of adding more fruit to your alcohol is to purchase fruit juice – orange, cranberry and grapefruit are popular options and mean that you can have one of your five-a-day while enjoying a drink!

3. Make Ice Pop.

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If you fancy a drink in the summer, then consider making booze-filled fruit smoothies, and freezing them with sticks. The result is alcoholic popsicles, which are tasty and cost-effective options for picnics, parties and family get-togethers. Remember to keep your alcoholic popsicles away from children – consider making alcohol-free versions if you’re hosting a family party or want to get your kids involved in the popsicle making process.

4. Keep it chilled.

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One of the best ways to improve the taste of your alcohol is to make it chilled. Whether you add ice cubes to your drink or invest in one of the bottle coolers offered at Corr Chilled, it’s easy to keep your drinks cold and fresh, regardless of the time of year. Reader’s Digest has put together seven genius flavoured ice cube ideas, which include adding violets and lavender or melon balls and mint leaves.

5. Filter it

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If you’re on a budget or you just have a bottle of cheap vodka lying around your home, then you can make it taste like a premium bottle in no time. Using a traditional water filter jug, you can filter your vodka to remove impurities and improve its flavour and alcohol level.

There you have it – five of the best ways to improve the flavour of your alcohol. Whatever you’re drinking, remember to be responsible and keep an eye on your limits – it’s easy to consume more alcohol when it’s mixed with fruit juices and liquors that take the edge off. 

6. Turn white wine into a spritzer.

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White wine tends to grow sour a few days after being uncorked; and sometimes, cheap wine is just sour, period. Instead of sacrificing the bottle, turn that wine into an entirely new drink:

To make a spritzer, simply add some carbonation. Whether you want to grab soda water or a can of soda, salvaging your white wine is as easy as pouring a fizzy drink into your wine glass to create a sweet and light drink.

7. Give the wine a little air.

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Fancy wines are carefully and slowly decanted before being served; cheap wines, not so much. Speed up the decanting process and make that $5 wine a little more palatable by aerating it with a blender Modernist Foodie Using a blender or an immersion blender is known as hypercanting: it exposes the wine to air very quickly, which improves its flavor. Plus, it makes for a fun party trick just wait until you see the looks on your guests’ faces when you throw wine into a blender.

If you don’t have a blender, you could always try shaking the bottle.

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