What is Bab Louie all about?

Bab is anything but like the guy you have next door; sneaking out of his home into the world of spirits and flavours, devoted to his love for cocktails which took him places, far and wide.
And, Louie?
Bab’s been hitting into cocktails since forever, and one day he bumped into Louie; one thing led to the other, and, poof!They are one now, spreading love, taste, and bringing more Babs and Louies together.
Moral: Stay true to your love for cocktail, and the love of life will get you.

What are Bab Louie Botanical Cocktail Mixers?

1.  A recipe for the good times. A catalyst to a new love-story. A blessing form the Gods of gusto.
Call them what you want, these are flavours made to feel! Just spill them into your cocktails and have a good time.

2. Are there more flavours to Bab Louie Mixers?

Yes! Bab Louie Premixes come in 3 pepped up flavours

• Old Fashioned Cocktail Premix – Goes well for all your Whiskey based cocktails,Rye, Bourbon or Single Malts.
• Bab Louie’s Mix Berry Premix –A fusion of all the bubbly berries around which will make you fall in love with your G’inn , V’dka and white liquor, again.
• Bab Louie’s passion Fruit Premix –A fruity blend of passion fruit with citrus tang of Orange, to enliven you Gin & White Rum completely.

What are Botanicals?

A host of different components such as fruit, spices, leaves, bark, roots, and herbs all of which come together to be known as botanicals. Botanicals are obtained from a plant and used as an additive, especially with glycerine and water, the former helps in flavour extraction, the latter in preservation.

What is the Shelf life of Bab Louie Cocktail Mixers?

Bab Louie Cocktail Mixersare good to go for 6 months when stored at a cool& dry place.

What makes Bab Louie mixers so special?

We uses fresh ingredients & fruits from farms and therefore offer a blend of the most natural flavours without any synthetic additives, colours or stabilizers.Bab Louie’s Bitters are purely non-alcoholic, and thus, so safe that all family members can enjoy them, making them a constant at your house parties.

What with Bab Louie’s Unique Bottle?

We believe our Premix bottles should stay in your bar, not refrigerator.

Therefore, our bottles are topped with a sturdy wooden cork because we believe that like your spirits,your flavours, too, should stay with you for long without losing its essence. And so, our Homies can show them off time and time again.

Are Bab Louie premixes non-carbonated?

Yes! Because getting your flavours carbonated with fizz is like watering down your cocktails.And, as much as we know our flavours, you’d like to keep them for longer that using it all at once!

How many cocktails can be made from a bottle of Bab Louie?

Each bottle of Bab Louie contains a net quantity of 180 ml. That means:

• Bab Louie’s Old Fashioned Premix gives a serving of around 10 cocktails
• Bab Louie’s Mix Berry Premix gives a serving of 6 cocktails ( 30 ml each )
• Bab Louie ‘s Passion Fruit Premix gives a servings of 6 Cocktails ( 30 ml each )

What are Bab Louie Bitters?

We can hardly stop boasting: Bab Louie’s Bitters are purely non-alcoholic! Cocktails, as we know, largely possess sweet-sour flavors, and topping these drinks with a bitter makes them more flavorsome, more complete.

Which flavours are offered by Bab Louie Bitters?

With Bab Louie you always have more:

Aromatic Bitter- Ananimate mix of exotic herbals and organic botanicals leaving your cocktail with a sharp and pungent aftertaste
Orange Bitters- Ablend of choice peels of Seville Oranges, coriander, cardamom, anise, and caraway seeds offering your cocktail a tropical twist.

Cherry Bitters- Prepared with anamalgam of Bab’s choicest and claimed 15 botanicals it adds vintage edge to the best of cocktails.

Is there more to Bab Louie that Bitters and Premixes?

Oh, yes. Take note, future homies:
• Cocktail Premixes
• Cocktail Bitters
• Cocktail Dehydrated garnishes
• Bar Accessories

And, we are only gearing up for more!