Orange bitter


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Bitters are a jumble of botanicals that attuneyour cocktails. And Bab Louie’s Bitters are purely non-alcoholic. Cocktails, as we know, largely possess sweet-sour flavors, and topping these drinks with a bitter makes them more flavorsome, more complete. In short, if you want to spice up your cocktails, a Bitter is the Holy Grail!

BAB LOUIE ORANGE BITTERS are classic  bitters made from 15 special botanicals and exotic oranges, creating a harmonious balance of botanicals and Sun-Ripened Sweet Oranges.
Bab Louie orange bitters adds a layer of complexity & has a unique fruity and bitter taste with clear hints of orange and caramel. This bitter creates a wonderful layer of flavour and brings balance to drinks and food recipes in just a few magical dashes.
It makes a perfect addition to numerous classic cocktails & Orange bitter also add a fruity and zesty edge to any food recipes, which makes it a good element for household kitchens too.

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