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Aromatic Spiced Bitters 100 ml

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Bab Louie Aromatic Bitters, Blend of Bab’s 15 special botanicals.

Bab Louie Aromatic Bitters are a blend of 15 special botanicals which add - FLAVOR - BALANCE - COMPLEXITY in just a few magical dashes. Our Homies and creative bartenders will love these exotic aromatic bitters. Just a few dashes adds an edge to your spirits. These are slow-crafted bitters macerated in wooden oak barrels and aged for several weeks to bring out the perfect flavor.


Ingredients: This is our unique blend of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, other Indian herbs, spices and roots. 


Taste Notes: This bitter adds a spicy-bitter balance of Indian spices and herbs with a mild floral, softly earthy flavour of roots. 


Application: Goes well with Whiskey sour, Old fashioned, Duchess, Gin & Tonics. Try with your old fashioned and classic cocktails !!


Handcrafted & Small Batched 

Preserving legacy of Indian herbs and spices

Non- Alcoholic

Zero sugar

100 % Natural

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Why Bab Louie?

Only organic products and natural extracts

Non-Carbonated, that means no-fizz at all

Curated by the best mixologists

No added preservatives

Customer Reviews

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Vishal Choithwani
Did Not recieve the product yet.

Did not recieve the product yet.

Amit Bassi
Spiced bitters

Overall taste is good but it does not give that spiced tinge that I was looking for even after three dashes


Adds a whole new world of flavour to the drink or cocktail. Very happy to have such great quality bitters. Tried the Aromatic and Cherry bitters. Other products are great quality too! Highly recommended

Great choice

The aromatic and cherry bitters are an absolute game changer. 10/10 would recommend!

Excellent bitters, easy available

Excellent bitters for different cocktails, reasonably priced and easily available.

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Aromatic Spiced Bitters 100 ml
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