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Garnishes - Add An Edge To Your Cocktails / Mocktails


You might think cocktail garnishes just as a pretty accessories added on to the drinks by bartenders to score a bigger tip. But garnishes are fundamental to many cocktails’ flavor and identity. They add a huge aesthetic element as well as aromatics and subtle flavors to the cocktails. 

Why Are Garnishes Important?

A Garnish is that ingredient in your cocktail which gives you a feeling about the drink even before you first taste it. Much like when you order food; if you have nicely plated dish on your table, you enjoy it much more as it catches your eye. A nice presentation of what you are about to consume makes it even more enjoyable. When you see a beautiful garnish on a drink, you might think, “Oh, that looks beautiful,” making it more interesting and creating a sense of curiosity.
When a cocktail comes at our table, the first thing that we all notice is “How is your drink looking?”, then when we bring it close our mouth we get an idea of flavour of the drink through our nose and mouth.

When we say flavour, it involves two aspects : the taste in our mouth and the smell in our nose. Flavour consists of taste and smell. Remove either pathway and the “flavour” diminishes. The researches have isolate five basic flavours that we receive through out mouth: Sour, Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Umami (savory). Everytime we taste something in our mouth, a signal is sent to our mind and we perceive the food accordingly.

We relish a drink not just by taste, we appreciate it through our eyes first, and then decide whether to consume it not. So we can say the aesthetic or the appearance of our cocktails do matter. And this where our lovely Garnishes comes into play. Cocktail garnishes are decoratives that add character or style to cocktails/ mocktails.

The garnish is the final touch, meant to accentuate the drink’s flavors, tie them together, contrast with them, or perfectly complement them.Classic cocktails that have existed for over a century, traditionally are combined with garnishes such as a twist of an orange that helps create its iconic look.

Garnishes are known to add a huge aesthetic element to a drink. They are also used as flavour enhancing elements, and at times give a twist to the taste whether it’s by adding flavour directly, or by using aromatic components, such as citrus oils or aromatic herbs.

When we go to bars or high end restaurants we get these fancy cocktails which makes us want to have one more go but when we try to craft these drinks at home, due to various reasons we miss out on this most important aspect of a nicecocktail. And maybe this “Garnish” is what always keeps us one step behind a perfect bar like cocktail. But what if we say Bab Louie & Co. have found the solution to this problem? They have range of exotic garnishes which can pair up with almost all your classics and tiki cocktails. Oranges, Blood Oranges, Lemons, Lime, Pineapples, Apples,  Spices, they really have got you covered!
These garnishes are made with fresh, organic and high quality fruits. Unlike other packed and processed dried garnishes/ fruits, these garnishes are air dried, unsweetened and have zero preservatives or colours. 




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