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Passion Fruit Bliss Recipe

Passion Fruit Mix Recipe


The Bab Louie & Co. Passion Fruit Mix is a very citrus & tropical blend which comes with a twist on the classic Mojito side . Passion fruit mix is infused with orange flavour & bitters . There are many tempting drinks that can be tried with Passsion fruit mix with the touch of Bab Louie . 

It brings with it the tartness of the passion fruit with blends in with the lime juice. The overall drink still carries a pretty taste so if you desire, you can increase the taste of your drink. It goes well with any of the white drinks  


  • Add Glass full of ice
  • Add your V ‘dka (30ml)
  • Add your 30ml Passion Fruit Premix
  • Tonic water
  • Garnish it and enjoy the Drink

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