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What is Bab & Louie ?

Bab is anything but like the guy you have next door; sneaking out of his home into the world of spirits and flavours, devoted to his love for cocktails which took him places, far and wide.

And, Louie? Bab’s been hitting into cocktails since forever, and one day he bumped into Louie; one thing led to the other, and, poof!They are one now, spreading love, taste, and bringing more Babs and Louies together.

Moral: Stay true to your love for cocktail, and the love of life will get you

About the Founder

Rishabh Bhatia

The idea of “ Adding Soul to Your Spirits “ , has been what we are always running Bab Louie & Co on . We aim to please you with the best experience you can have & enjoying those special moments with your Louie ( Loved ones ) over Cocktails

PS - . I found my Louie too over Cocktails , Hope you too !!

How Bab Louie was Born ?

Bab has been a guy who have always been running around experiences and meeting new people sharing some best experiences over the years whie having cocktails , one day he bumped into his louie a one who was same as interested in sharing her experiences like him for cocktails . Poof now they are bringing people closer over best cocktail experiences

Naming Our Brand

Actually it was probably the easiest yet most difficult part !! . Dont fall for this . Its just we wanted to bring people closer together in the form of Babs & Louies , where Bab can be anything like a guy , girl as individual & on the Other hand Louie can be anything which he enjoy and cherish special moments with best over Cocktails

“ Louie “ can be your loved ones , parents , friends , the best thing you like to do like : listening retro hindi music . Trust us LOuie can be anything for any Bab but its the best thing you cherish wth Cocktails !!

In India, bitters are found far and few. Then, we broke out- Bab Louie knew it was important to preserve the legacy of Indian culture & spices and take to another level. What next?

Boom! Turns out, we ended up making a botanical bitter with a hobnob of Extracts to tang-ma-tize your classic cocktails. What’s more, Bab Louie's Bitters is a blend of Bab’s 15 select, special, and secret botanicals; and going by how he is, he doesn’t let anyone in on it, you either chug it, or chuck it

Bab & Louie choose to make their stuff organic, fresh, and tempting for their Homies.

With the idea of affording a new lease of life to the legacy of Indian spice and herb culture, we kept turning the screws until we got each blend just right. Why? Because we want your drink to be perfect, so that each sip makes you live the moment with you loved ones to the fullest. So, if you’re looking for the real deal, Bab Louie’s THE deal!


Nitin Tiwari

“ Nitin says he loves our bitters and that it aspires many homegrown mixologists to lear more about authentic & Classic Cocktails to mix well “

Ami Shroff

“ Ami says she loved bitters in her classic cocktails recipes & the best she suggested our Homies to try is Citrus Vodka & Tonic with Bitters “

Gaurav Sareen

“ Ami says she loved bitters in her classic cocktails recipes & the best she suggested our Homies to try is Citrus Vodka & Tonic with Bitters “
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