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Cocktail Garnishes: Do they really work?

Cocktail Garnishes

It's ultimately up to you, the drinker, and there are probably as many different perspectives as there are drink garnishes. It also depends on the cocktail you're sipping. We've compiled a list of reasons why putting that lemon wedge in your drink or mouth might not be the best choice.

That's fine if you enjoy a decent dive bar. There's enough places in the world for all kinds of bars, as well as all the reasons you enjoy them.

However, dive bars — and bars in general — aren't usually the cleanest of establishments, which is why you shouldn't chew on the garnish on your dive bar drink. Turning a bar's citrus wedge into a mouthguard has its time and place - never and nowhere. Although it would be totally acceptable in a dive bar, you should never put hand-held fruit from a dive bar into your mouth.

Cocktail garnishes have become more elaborate over time, displaying a bartender's creativity and adding a bit of theatre to the cocktail-making experience.

Some bartenders, on the other hand, prefer to focus on the drink's balance and quality, choosing for simple or even pre-bottled pours. Some even go so far as to say that ornate garnishes detract from the drink's overall quality.

Others say garnishes are crucial because they provide consumers with something they can't manufacture at home, adding excitement and creativity to their bar experience.

The industry is divided on the subject, and the question of how crucial garnishes are in cocktails remains unanswered.

Bartenders should be proud of their profession and make sure the drink tastes and looks fantastic"

The garnish is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the drinking experience as customers seek for experiences that engage all of their senses. For starters, the garnish provides a lot of visual appeal to the drink.

Second, garnishes are employed as flavour enhancers, either by directly providing flavor or by using aromatic components of the garnish, such as citrus oils, aromatic herbs, and so on.

Some individuals enjoy ornate and flamboyant garnishes, which I think are a lot of fun and add a lot to the drinking experience, but they must be used responsibly. Some beverages require elaborate garnishing, while others require more subtlety. It's all about choosing the correct cocktails to garnish elaborately based on the bar's atmosphere and drink style.

Extravagant garnishes elevate the drink's perceived worth and improve the whole drinking experience, while also serving a functional purpose by adding flavor or aroma.

Expensive things take time, but it all depends on the type of bar, the manner of service, and the clientele's expectations. Some bartenders claim that making anything lavish takes too long, but it doesn't have to, and I believe it's well worth the time to produce something spectacular.

In a fast-paced pub or nightclub, for example, you don't want to wait 10 minutes for a simple drink with elaborate garnishes. If you're at a place that prides itself on elaborate garnishes and presentations, such as a style bar or a tiki-bar, expect the cocktail to take a few minutes longer, but the aesthetic benefits of an elaborate garnish will more than make up for it. Many bars save time when it comes to garnishing by using pre-made garnishes or pre-made ingredients in their garnishes. Customers are searching for a perceived value in their experience, and many are ready to pay a premium for the best possible experience.

Although some people love the more spectacular presentations, many others do not grasp them. Many people try to copy lavish garnishing they've seen elsewhere, but they either don't do it effectively or go beyond. However, rather than spending too much time on the garnish, most people prefer to concentrate on the exact taste, balance, and quality of the drink itself. Of course, the garnish is crucial, but it should never take precedence over the drink itself. That is why it is preferable to keep things simple.

Garnish is something that provides you a sense of the drink even before you take your first sip, similar to how when you order food, having well designed food on your plate makes you appreciate it more because your eyes can devour it first.

It's the same with a decent drink presentation; if the first thing your eyes see is good, you'll like it even more. When you see a lovely garnish on a drink ordered at the next table, you might think to yourself, "Oh, that looks lovely," and it piques your attention; you want to learn more about it. A typical drink presented without garnish would lack the same intrigue; it would just be a glass with any old potion within. 

The garnish must make sense and be an integral element of the drink, as well as being a reflection of the drink's ingredients. To communicate the contents and flavors in the drink, most people use food or something else. However, putting a small miniature vehicle with a drink has no meaning.

As a garnish, dried fruit is fantastic. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are frequently used, and they are not wasted because they last for a long time.

You can do whatever you want with your own garnishes while you're at home. That's your waistline, not mine, if you go crazy one night and eat every last cherry in your fridge. But please, dear, please don't take garnishes from the bartender's stock when you're out at a bar.

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