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The irresistible world of flavor that Bab Louie’s Passion Fruit Premix opens to you!

The Bab Louie & Co. Passion Fruit Mix is citrus and tropical cocktail with a twist on the standard Mojito. Orange flavor and bitters are added to the passion fruit blend. There are a variety of delicious beverages that may be made using Passion fruit mix and Bab Louie. It has a tartness from the passion fruit that balances well with the lime juice. The overall taste of the drink is still pleasant, so if desired, you can enhance the flavor. It goes well with any white beverage. What is Passion Fruit, or Lilikoi?   One of the flavors that conjures up images of summer is passion fruit. What could be better than a cool refreshing cocktail on a hot summer evening? Passion fruit is incredibly delicious and makes an excellent cocktail or mocktail mixer. However, we've discovered that good passion fruit products, as well as the fruit itself, can be difficult to come by. We'll be making a variety of delectable passion fruit recipes. Passion fruit, also known as Lilikoi (pronounced like the lily flower and Koi like the fish) is a sweet and sour fruit native to tropical areas of the world. When you cut into these spherical, yellow-skinned fruits, you'll find a pulp with small soft gel-like sacks around black seeds, all of which are delicious! The smooth and somewhat robust skin has a thin white layer inside it that is not eaten due to its bitter flavor and harsh texture. However, you can eat the pulp with a spoon for a tasty treat. Alternatively, you can squeeze and drain the juices to use in a variety of recipes. Bab Louie has taken care of everything with their products. The ready-to-use Passion Fruit Mix can be effortlessly added to any drink. It's only fitting that we start with the Passion Fruit Mix to get the party started. Today's post features two unique Passion Fruit Cocktails: the Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail and the Passion Fruit Gin Punch. It's simple to use Bab Louie's Passion Fruit Mix in a number of drinks and cocktails/mocktails. It also goes well with a variety of liquors, so you can't go wrong. This mixer is ideal for those who love a very sweet and fruity cocktail as well as those who avoid sugary cocktails due to its sweet and sour flavor combination. Ginger Whiskey Cocktail with a Kick In an attempt to mix the tropical lilikoi with whiskey, we created the Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail. And – whoa, it's a doozy! This recipe was inspired by a Whiskey Sour. However, it doesn't taste anything like it and has an entirely different flavor profile. The combination of passion fruit, whisky, and ginger is our favorite component. Putting ginger through a garlic press is a terrific method to get it into your shaker and get the most flavor out of it. If you don't have a garlic press, finely cut the ginger and slightly muddle it. Mint and lemon are used to complete the cocktail and create the ideal balance! Gin Punch with Passion Fruit Passion fruit and gin are a natural pairing for us, but we are gin connoisseurs. Our Passion Fruit Gin Punch is made with the botanical spice and aroma of gin, as well as the sweet and wonderfully tart lilikoi. The addition of apple brandy (Calvados), basil, lime, and a splash of soda water brightens up the drink and makes it very easy to consume. You may easily adjust the flavor by adding more or less of any component. Ginger and passion fruit is a natural match, so don't leave it out. However, because this drink isn't particularly sweet, a dash of simple syrup will improve the flavor. We hope you love Bab Louie's savory Passion Fruit Mix in these Passion Fruit Cocktails! If you attempt these cocktails, let us know what you think by leaving a comment or tagging us on social media. Happy Drinking!

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