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Bab Louie & Co. - Adding Soul to your Spirits 



“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us crave for more.” Well we are talking about your love for cocktails. Bab Louie & Co. ,is India's first hand crafted bitter brand with a vision to add soul to your spirits and give you a bar-like experience at home.

There is nothing better than falling in love with your cocktail and finding your soulmate at the same time. It’s always fun to go to a bar, dance and have drinks. Bab, always loved to explore the world of cocktails. On one fine day, in a nearby cocktail bar, he was sipping his favourite drink, immersed in endless thoughts, when someone tapped his back. Turning back he saw a girl standing, who was looking for some suggestions for a drink and then what? They together started exploring cocktails and this journey led to never ending love between them and since then Bab with his Louie has been exploring cocktails around the world.

For all the classic and new age cocktail lovers, Bab Louie offers non alcoholic handcrafted bitters and cocktail mixes so cocktail making can be an easy peasy job. You don't have to worry about messing up your cocktail anymore. Our products are super easy to use and are a perfect add on to your drinks.

Everyone admires change. The age old cocktails were light on flavors and people were looking for some cocktails with strong and complex flavors. With the introduction of Bab Louie Bitters and cocktail mixes, the consumers can experiment with flavors sitting at home. People now like more depth and refinement in their drinks. This is the reason why bars are becoming more passionate about crafted cocktails and experimenting with new recipes. Here comes Bab Louie to add depth and complexity to your drinks. With three different flavors of bitters; Orange, Cherry and Aromatic, we aim to add soul to your spirits. 

Crafted cocktails carry more depth of flavors and authentic taste. Many famous mixologists have regarded making a perfect cocktail as an art which is not easy to master but with our hand-crafted non alcoholic cocktail bitters and cocktail mixes with 15 special botanicals, you can be your bartender and make your perfect drink. Our cocktail mixes are super easy to use and enhance the flavors of your drink. Another interesting fact associated with our cocktail mixes is that it comes in large serving sizes so that your entire family can come together for a drink. 

Many consumers keep demanding their classic drinks but with an edge. Bars are getting inventive and are coming up with several drinks for all the non-alcoholic people around. We are catering to a larger number of audience due to the uniqueness of our product because our products are low in sugar and are all organic. During the pandemic, consumers themselves started experimenting with different flavors and using unique ingredients to their drinks. This craving of making your own drink at your place and looking for options to enhance the flavor profile of your drink gave place to Bab Louie. With real fruits, no added preservatives and botanicals from our own country, Bab Louie products are the perfect add on for your drinks. So next time when you sip your drink, don’t forget to add our cocktail mix to your drink because we add soul to your spirits.

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