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India's First Crafted Bitters - By Bab Louie & Co.

Best Indian Bitters Brand


Bab Louie & Co.- The Bitters Trend Setter

Did you just say bitters?

Looking forward to buying some?

Well, Bab Louie & Co. is for sure the absolute choice. Some of you must be wondering why Bab Louie & Co. , that’s because it has the best and exclusive range of bitters in India.

With a vision to spread love over a cocktail with a vision of " Adding Soul to Your Spirits " through a few Dashes to any of your favourite Classic Cocktail 

We bring you the best range of bitters with all natural ingredients making your drink added with more complex and complete flavour .

Bab Louie & Co. is India's First Crafted Bitter's brand is all natural and hand crafted. So, let’s take you in depth with our bitters: Made with 15 Special Botanicals , aiming to preserve the legacy of Indian Herbs , Spices & Culture 

Growing number of consumers are looking for beverage options because of health concerns. Restaurant chains are also looking for options in this range to offer their guests with homegrown brand

As so much dependency on International Brands Bab Louie & Co belives that as India being a country with a vast history of Rich Herbs , Spices & Culture .

Natural Extracts- Natural extracts are ingredients that have been derived from natural sources like plants, trees or grains. Our hand-crafted bitters are made with real fruits and 15 special botanicals. The infusion of a variety of herbs and spices in our bitters possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our process of Infusing Bitters through a special process is done in European Oaked Charred Barrels makes it special with a great variety of Aromatic taste notes & Bold Flavour

Curated by top mixologists- Our bitters are curated by top mixologists of the country. The bitters are tested, tried and tasted by experts from the industry making it their first choice as well. Super easy to make- You must be thinking who is going to put in so much effort to make a drink? Our premium cocktail premixes and bitters are super easy to use in your cocktails and once you have it, your taste buds will for sure crave for another drink, making all the smallest efforts worth it.

At Bab Louie & Co., we offer

- Classic Orange Bitters

- Smoked Cherry Bitters

- Aromatic Spiced Bitters

All the bitters are purely non-alcoholic making it a favorite of non-drinkers as well.

Orange Bitters- These bitters are cocktail flavouring made with orange peels and spices like gentian root, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and coriander. The orange peel gives a blend of sweet and bitter flavor. These bitters go well with white spirits such as Gin. Few dashes of bitter enhances the taste of your martini as well.

Aromatic Spiced Bitters - Aromatic bitters are the most popularly used and well known bitters. These bitters add wonderful depth to your cocktails. These are made with herbs, spices, and barks, which give them powerful aromas. Bab Louie’s Aromatic Bitters add sweet and bitter flavor to your drinks with hints of cinnamon and caramel. Our Aromatic Bitter goes well with cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Pisco Sour, Gin Sling and Perfect Storm.

Smoked Cherry Bitters - Cherry Bitters are exotic bitters which many people are fond of. These are made with cherries and have additional spices for a cherry pie flavor. These can be also used in plum cakes and chocolates. Drinks like Cereza Sueno, Gran Old Fashioned and La Belle Vert go well with Cherry Bitters. Bitters are used for flavoring a drink. Bab Louie Bitters elevates the taste and aroma of your favorite drinks thus giving you an experience worth remembering lifetime. So it’s already time to stop reading about us and add a few dashes of our bitter to your drink and start sipping your favorite drink to freshen your mood and day.

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