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Bab Louie & Bartending goes Hand in Hand  - A new happening Pass time 


Do you like the nightlife? Does alcohol lift up your spirits? Well, then bartending is the right career option for you. Bartenders are the people who create new exotic flavors, visuals and textures for you to enhance your cocktail experience. With the diversifying technological changes and advancement, where career opportunities are being taken away by AI, new career opportunities are also booming. The students today are more into exploring new opportunities rather than being a part of the rat race. One such opportunity in the world of cocktails and alcohol industry is bartending. The leisure and entertainment industry is flourishing and this profession has moved to the center stage.

Matthew Pomeroy, a cocktail creator, says that bartending is becoming a more professional and popular career option these days. Though many people still have the misconception that the scope of this profession is narrow and all you have to do is mix drinks. A person specialized in this field can not only work in the beverage industry but also the hospitality sector. Several chain hotels and restaurants have positions such as a corporate bar manager, bar manager, bar and cocktail expert and so more. Also the bartender is responsible for checking cleanliness, updating the stocks, garnishes, checking the sales summary and briefing the bar team on new arrivals or offers. In urban India, restaurants and bar chains are constantly looking out for professional bartenders. They want to have someone who not only knows the art of mixing drinks but also is proficient in acrobatics like juggling glasses and bottles in the air so that the atmosphere of the place can liven up.

Freelancing is also a new trend in this sector. Several people with expertise in this field work as freelancers for parties and event circuits. Companies organizing Cruise parties also hire a beverage consultant or expert to work as a freelancer for them. Bartending is becoming a glamorous job in the metropolitan cities. With the introduction of molecular mixology, bartending has grabbed a lot of attention from the people because people like seeing something new and fresh on their tables. Students from hotel management colleges, who earlier preferred specialization in kitchen and MT programmes are recognising the benefits and scope of specializing in this sector. For being a bartender, a special course is not required. However, restaurant chains and famous bars look for options to hire people from Hotel management colleges or the ones who have a vocational degree. Several colleges in metropolitan cities are offering diploma and certificate courses which have a duration of 1 month to 3 months. Online bartending courses have also made their way after the pandemic, and the best part about these courses is that they are very low on budget.

One very big drawback about this profession is that there are very few women in this field. It has always been a male oriented business. The timings are also unpredictable, thus becoming a hindrance for many women. However, with changing trends and awareness, more women are taking it as a career option. Bartending as a career option is expected to see a very high rise in terms of employability in the coming years. So if you have a passion and fervor to change the cocktail industry, get ready to bring the revolution and then let's catch up in a bar next time. 

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