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Mix Berry Cosmo Recipe

Mix Berry Cosmo Recipe


Mix Berry is a blend of berries that majorly includes strawberry, raspberry, blackberry & cranberry. So that you can have a lovely drink anywhere anytime. Goes well for berry related drinks like Bramble, Cosmopolitan, etc

Enjoy your favorite recipe of Mix Berry Premix at the comfort of your home.
In a glass of ice add the Mix berry premix. Spike it up with tonic water and white liquor. Give it a nice stir and top up the garnish with Dried Strawberry. Enjoy your Bab Louie’s, Pink Heaven!


  • Add Glass full of ice
  • Add your G’in / V’dkaa (60ml)
  • Add your 30ml Mix Berry Premix
  • Tonic water
  • Garnish it with Bab Louie Dehydrated garnishes or Peel of Grapefruit and enjoy!!

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